Who are you?

“Tell me what you do and I tell you who you are.” Can this be the whole truth about your identity?

We tend to label people according to their job titles or their biggest achievements. He is the CEO of so and so company, he is the digital marketing manager for x company, he is former champion of so and so competition. While this makes it easier in social context to refer or even introduce people, it is in most cases a label that does not really describe who the person really is.

Are you in control?

Career and life choices seem to be more subject to luck and opportunity, rather than personal choices and careful planning and crafting ones life. To give you an example, take Stella, she is looking for a marketing job. Naturally, she applies to many companies, and then luckily lands on a job as a brand manager for Pepsi with the most attractive offer. Boom, among people, Stella will now be referred to or even introduced as the brand manager of Pepsi.

But is this really who Stella is? Is this really what she wants? Isn’t her new identity now a result of events that are beyond her influence? What if company x offered her a better offer with a totally different title? Wouldn’t her identity consequently be totally different?

Do you know yourself well?

Think of yourself. where you are now, the title your holding and consequently your identity and label in society, is it really who you wanted to become? Is it really who you are? In fact, do you really know who you are? How would you define yourself? Granted, each one of us has different personas depending on different context (mother at home, best manager at work, most loyal friend among her friends…), yet are we fully aware of such identities that define us?

Ask yourself these questions, and try to answer them!

who are you



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