What I learnt from being a tourist

this summer, and after 3 years of no holidays, i finally managed to take 10 days off, traveling in Europe, visiting new countries i have always wanted to visit. During these 10 days, I have discovered myself behaving in certain ways that relate so much to startup founders.

Observe with tourist eyes: as a tourist, everything looks new to you, everything seems unfamiliar. You notice little details that even locals don’t notice anymore. Your mind has not yet been conditioned to overlook the small elements of your surrounding, your critical eyes analyze every color, every detail, every pattern.

As a startup founder, you live and breathe your product. It has become so familiar to you, that you stop noticing the little details that make up your product. This sense of familiarity blocks your mind from thinking critically about your business, from discovering the flaws, the imperfections that mark your product.

Take a break from your product, take some holidays, refresh your mind, your thinking, your ideas, do something completely distant from your startup. This healthy interruption allows to put on the tourist eyes, and experience again the product as if you saw it for the first time, discovering details that seem hidden behind the familiar face of your product, much like a tourist visiting a city for the first time.

So go ahead, put on tourist eyes and start discovering.




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