What I learnt from a duck

When you see a duck gliding peacefully on water in a river or a pond, you notice how graceful, charismatic and confident it looks. Its motion seems so smooth, so effortless, as if it is flying gently over water. A feeling of tranquility and trust embraces you just by watching it. However, go underwater, and you will see a whole different picture. The duck is peddling its feet so actively, you would think it is about to explode. Yet all of this is hidden and practically invisible to the gazing eyes of people.

I have been applying what i learnt from the duck in my life and at work. Over the years, I noticed that a key criteria for effective leadership is to deliver results in a seemingly effortless and natural way. This not only strengthens confidence, reliability and dependancy but also enthuses and increases trust of your team towards you.

Be a duck.