The marketing process explained in plain English

There are more marketing resources out there than one could count. I have yet to find one that really explains in very simple terms, without using any complicated marketing jargon, the process through which users go through when interacting with your product or service. Understanding this simple process is the basis for creating successful marketing activities and strategies. 

Here is how I simplify the whole process:

1. People find (out about) you

2. People are interested in you

3. People try you

4. People are satisfied

5. People remember you

6. People use you again

7. People really like you

8. You make money

9. People tell their friends

Throughout this blog, I will detail each of these steps and explain how you can use them to create a winning flexible marketing plan and a competitive set of strategies.

Meanwhile, take a moment to reflect on how the below process applies to your product or startup.

Marketing Process