Positiveness of uncertainty

It’s common to worry when we think of the future. It is like our brains, for self-protection purposes, are naturally preconditioned to consider all the negative things surrounding uncertainty. This does not only create doubt, stress and negative energy but it can also prohibit us from moving forward and taking actions.

However, it is possible to turn this around. How about starting to think of the positive things that could happen to you eventually, the infinite possible positive scenarios that the future will bring, how about associating uncertainty with positiveness. I am not recommending you jump foolishly in the unknown without doing a pros/cons analysis, all I recommend is to flip your mindset about uncertainty and anticipate pleasant and successful outcomes. It’s a thought process that you can control and influence.

This mindset shift about uncertainty has been personally very beneficial. It keeps me positively curious about what will happen next in my business, wondering what new thing will each day bring me. It is pretty much the same excitement of receiving a surprise gift. It keeps me moving forward.

This mindset shift does not happen overnight though. You need to train yourself for it to become a habit. Start observing and articulating your thoughts as you think of your future project and replace negative words with positive ones (for example: can you call it opportunity finding instead of risk taking?). Each one has different ways to overcome negativity, some by listening to music, some by going out with friends, I won’t list all the ways now, but I just wanted to stress is that there is also absolute positiveness in uncertainty and that embracing positiveness can be life changing for both your business and your personal life.

How positive are you?




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