Don’t let them call the waiter.

The negative restaurant experience

You go to a restaurant, you are starving, you need to eat, you are not sure what you want, you hastily open the menu, and to your surprise, you are annoyed to find dozens of pages listing what seems like 100s of food choices and items. You are lost, you skim through the pages, back and forth, trying to find something to appease your taste. While this big long menu was designed as an attempt to suits all your tastes,  all it does is confuse you and irritate you. You are getting hungrier. You lost your patience, get feisty, throw the menu aside, call angrily for the waiter, and ask for their most popular meal.

This is pretty much the same impatience and irritation users experience when landing on a website filled with tons of features, cluttered with buttons and links. However, unlike the frustrated guests who are already seated on a table and who feel socially obliged to remain in the restaurant, users can with a  click of button navigate away and close down your website..

Users are impatient

Users are impatient, have tons of alternative options on the web, and have very little time when browsing your site. very few minutes if not seconds actually. Do not make them think or look for information. Keep it very simple. Identify the most important actions you expect a user to do on a specific page, and lay them out intuitively on the site. Remove everything else that only clutters the page.

So, do you need to trim the menu?




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