Do the 24!

What is common between you, Einstein, Madonna, and Leonardo Da Vinci? Stop for a moment and think of it… You could probably identify several common traits between yourself and all these people, I want to point out to only one obvious, yet important common factor that many take for granted. All of them, including yourself, have exactly the same number of hours in a day, 24. Yet, what made them different, unique, successful is how they filled every hour of the day, each day, over months and years.

It is simple: It is what you do in your 24 hours that determine eventually who you become. You can waste valuable hours every day watching TV, or instead, you can decide to invest the same hours learning a new programming language, experimenting and creating new products, practicing your favorite sport, writing a paragraph for a new book, practicing and acquiring new skills, meeting new clients… Each day, you are granted 86,400 time units. You can either waste them or instead invest them in accumulating skill set that will set you eventually apart from others. Those who invested these time units in creating something useful, meaningful, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year by year, are those that we consider successful.

While it requires more than just that to become really successful, keep in mind that it all starts with a sense of awareness about how precious time is, and a conscious decision to invest it day in day out in matters that, when accumulated, can eventually lead you to success. I remind people around me about this time consciousness and whether they are investing in valuable matters by asking them to “Do the 24″.

So, are you doing the 24?





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