Are you listening to what I am saying?

Why miscommunication is so common

Miscommunication is one of the most common reason why people argue, fight or disagree. And one of the major reasons why miscommunication is so common is because people do not really listen actively to each other. They might be hearing each other but not necessarily listening to each other. Instead they behave in egocentric ways doing most of the talking and getting their words heard as opposed to letting others talk.

Unfortunately, in social context, communication has been synonym to talking, which constitutes only half of communication activity. There is so much focus on teaching others how to talk, speak, articulate their ideas, that the whole aspect of listening has been nearly overlooked.

Talking is egoistic

In fact, listening is much more important than talking. Talking is often an egocentric behavior centered around the need to impose on others thoughts and ideas. On the other hand, proper listening puts the focus and attention on the other person, not only making them feel important but also allowing them to freely express themselves and articulate their thoughts.

What is a good way to listen?

Active listening means focusing exactly on what the other party is really saying, without assuming you already know what they mean just by listening to the beginning of the sentences. It means remaining silent while the other person is talking, focusing on understanding what they are saying.

Be an active listener

A very effective yet simple way to train on active listening is to try repeating in your own words what the other person has just said to you. As easy as this sounds, as surprising the results are. This simple exercise can reveal how much of a good listener you are, and if practiced properly can really make a big difference both personally and professionally.

So, are you really a good listener?




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