Do you agree on my mind map below? it’s the Untold Dark Side of startups. Hopefully it will highlight some warning signs for founders before they jump innocently on the entrepreneurship path.

There are more marketing resources out there than one could count. I have yet to find one that really explains in very simple terms, without using any complicated marketing jargon, the process through which users go through when interacting with your product or service. Understanding this simple process is the basis for creating successful marketing activities and strategies. 

You are browsing the web, and you land on an idea that you think is very relevant to your business. The idea takes over your mind, you can’t stop thinking of it, you lose sense of reality, imagining the possibilities of what this could mean for your business, a sense of excitement embraces you, and you feel an urgent need to jump on this seemingly unique opportunity before anyone else nabs it and build it.

When you see a duck gliding peacefully on water in a river or a pond, you notice how graceful, charismatic and confident it looks. Its motion seems so smooth, so effortless, as if it is flying gently over water. A feeling of tranquility and trust embraces you just by watching it. However, go underwater, and you will see a whole different picture. 

What is common between you, Einstein, Madonna, and Leonardo Da Vinci? Stop for a moment and think of it… You could probably identify several common traits between yourself and all these people, I want to point out to only one obvious, yet important common factor that many take for granted. All of them, including yourself, have exactly the same number of hours in a day, 24.

I get feisty when i receive an email mentioned in it the word ‘ASAP’, expecting me to interrupt what I am doing, shuffle my priorities, and act with a sense of urgency. Thankfully, over the years, I learnt to remain cool and not stress (or even act) anymore when I get the word ASAP.

Why miscommunication is so common

Miscommunication is one of the most common reason why people argue, fight or disagree. And one of the major reasons why miscommunication is so common is because people do not really listen actively to each other. They might be hearing each other but not necessarily listening to each other. Instead they behave in egocentric ways doing most of the talking and getting their words heard as opposed to letting others talk.

The negative restaurant experience

You go to a restaurant, you are starving, you need to eat, you are not sure what you want, you hastily open the menu, and to your surprise, you are annoyed to find dozens of pages listing what seems like 100s of food choices and items. You are lost, you skim through the pages, back and forth, trying to find something to appease your taste. While this big long menu was designed as an attempt to suits all your tastes,  all it does is confuse you and irritate you. You are getting hungrier. You lost your patience, get feisty, throw the menu aside, call angrily for the waiter, and ask for their most popular meal.

It is amazing how certain tunes can affect your mood. I have personally experienced that countless times. Music can transport you to a world that only you can experience, a world of your creation, where you feel utmost peace of mind. Music can be the perfect escape from the mundane, irritating, and stressful environment that surrounds you.

“Tell me what you do and I tell you who you are.” Can this be the whole truth about your identity?

We tend to label people according to their job titles or their biggest achievements. He is the CEO of so and so company, he is the digital marketing manager for x company, he is former champion of so and so competition. While this makes it easier in social context to refer or even introduce people, it is in most cases a label that does not really describe who the person really is.